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Pre and post conference activities

Stu Dever Fishing Charters

At Stu Dever Fishing Charters, they understand how the need to fish can take control and make it impossible to go on with life until you can get your hook wet!

That's why you will be provided with Queenstown's best fishing boat for charter. Not just a great boat and skipper but also a fishing guide with an uncanny ability to sense fish and create exciting fishing experiences for all of our clients.

Queenstown is an exhilarating, year round, alpine resort. Enjoy some of the best scenery in the world as a backdrop while you fish.

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Shotover Jet

Take a unique breathtaking ride through dramatic and narrow canyons, and hold on tight for Queenstown’s only exhilarating full 360° spins and beyond. ‘Can you handle the canyons?’ with award winning Shotover Jet, ‘The World’s Most Exciting Jet Boat Ride’ and the only company permitted to operate in the spectacular Shotover River CanyonsThe only Jet Boat Ride in the spectacular Shotover River Canyons
Shotover Jet operates on an exclusive area of the Shotover River and is the only company permitted to operate within its spectacular canyons, carved out over the ages by a vast volume of fast flowing water. The very grandeur of this spectacular environment, less than 10 minutes drive from Queenstown, adds to the excitement and exclusivity of the Shotover Jet experience
Shotover Jet commenced operations on the upper Shotover River in 1965 and was one of Queenstown’s first adventure activities, and over the years is one of the experiences that has helped to put New Zealand on the global tourism map. Combining the classic New Zealand invention of the Jet Boat with the Kiwi culture of adventure, Shotover Jet has become part of the fabric of what is quintessentially 'New Zealand' and has taken jet boating from its humble beginnings to become one of New Zealand’s most iconic ‘must do’ visitor activities.

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AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand

Bungy jumping, a term that screams adventure and craziness to some and creates pure fear in others. The aim as the original commercial bungy pioneers is to get every visitor to join in the fun.

It all began in November 1988, when two great mates had a crazy idea to throw themselves off the Kawarau Bridge, (Queenstown, NZ) attached only by a bungy cord. Over 25 years later, AJ Hackett Bungy NZ is still delivering adrenalin fuelled experiences, with six products in Queenstown, such as the nevis bungy, nevis swing,ledge bungy, ledge swing,and the all new kawarau zipride. They have also branched out with an exclusive site in Auckland that is home to our unique Auckland bridge climb and Auckland bridge bungy, a must-do activity when visiting the North Island.

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Skippers Canyon Tour

This premium trip is the best way to see it all, a small group scenic tour of Skippers Canyon, gold claim tour and refreshments with 5th generation locals, as well as the thrills of 30 minutes Jet boating on the Shotover river through Skipper Canyon.
Pick up from your hotel, our specialised vehicles offer great elevated views, microphone for easy listening to your guide’s commentary, plus all our seats are forward facing for maximum comfort and views.
Journey slowly down the historic and stunning Skippers road, with ample opportunity for photos with all the stops along the way as you weave your way through the Southern Alps to the Shotover river at Deep Creek.
Arriving at Deep creek, gear up with life jackets and spray jackets then sit back, hold on, and try to relax as our experienced boat drivers navigate the sheer canyon walls along the Shotover River as well as the mining dredges and sheet piles left by the miners through Skippers Canyon over a century ago.
With skill and speed you will negotiate the narrow river channel, skimming over shallow 6 inch deep river beds, when suddenly you are going sideways, backwards, sideways and back facing the way you were going, WOW, that’s a Hamilton spin! 360 degree spin, as the boat turns in its own length!
The onwards for a refreshing cup of tea or coffee with our 5th generation local residents Winky & Jerry Hohneck, and an opportunity to be shown around the Sainsbury gold claim and a chance to try gold panning for yourself.
This is a truly uniquely Queenstown ½ day experience, combining Queenstown’s rich gold history and the sheer thrills of Jet boating on the Shotover river.

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Dart River Jet

Dart River Jet is based at Glenorchy at the top of Lake Wakatipu. The short scenic drive of 46km (allow 45 minutes) from Queenstown has been rated as one of the top ten scenic drives in the world. Watch out for Bennetts Bluff – a must do photo stop just over half way there.
Your Wilderness Jet trip is an exhilarating and spectacular journey deep into the heart of the world-renowned Mt Aspiring National Park with the only jet boat operator allowed on the Dart River

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